Pineau des Charentes and its origins

vigne du Vignoble Vincent

According to tradition, during the reign of Henry IV, a wine grower from Charentes mistakenly poured some grape juice into a barrel containing Cognac eau-de-vie. A few years later, the barrel was discovered to contain a wonderful beverage, full of taste and sunshine like the land of Charentes. The Pineau des Charentes was thus born. Since then, Charentes wine growers perpetuated this know-how and were able to produce a unique high quality product which was to become the first Liqueur wine to be declared «Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée» (Controlled Designation of Origin) in France.

The Production process for Pineau des Charentes

  • The harvesting lasts for a full month.
  • The musts are obtained by pressing. White wines are pressed at harvest, whereas red wines macerate for several hours so the juices obtain the required colour.
  • Once pressed, the raisin musts are mixed with Cognac eau-de-vie, titrating at least 60% of its volume and aged at least for a year. This phase interrupts the musts’ fermentation cycle. Toward the end of the production, the Pineau will hold an alcoholic strength of 17%.
  • The ageing process has to take place in oak barrels.
    • For White Pineau, the rearing is at least 18months, 12 of which are in barrel.
    • For the Rosé or Red Pineau, 12 months of ageing are necessary, 8 of which are in barrel.

le chai vignoble VincenThis ageing phase ensures its shading and harmonious taste and bestows specific aromas of vanilla and walnut.

A prolonged ageing – at least 5 to 10 years in oak barrels will produce Old and Very Old Pineau des Charentes.

    • The bottling has to take place in the region of production.



The Peculiarity of Vignoble Vincent’s Pineaux

Pineaux Vignoble Vincentdegustation-tulipe-pineauFor Christophe Vincent, Pineau is a wine that marries well with social times like the “apéritif”. This is why he wishes the freshness and fruitiness of the product while extracting incomparable aromas thanks to a particular alcoholic maceration.

Eager to create an exceptional Pineau, Christophe Vincent works with his production team to succeed and create an innovating alliance of the fruit with the ageing in barrel, thus developing in time a great flavour.

This is how Vignoble Vincent has put together an innovating range of Pineaux des Charentes including a selection of unique white and rosé wines:

  • White Oleron nectar, a young wine with fruity flavours, specifically made with red fruit for rosé.
  • 6 year old white with a robe known as «vieil or», with flavours of honey, kernels, vanilla, walnuts and lime tree flower.
  • Extra Aged White, a 15-year-old wine with an amber coloured robe, a round Pineau with pronounced fruity and woody flavours.

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