An extended range of sustainable products

80% of the quality of wine rests on the quality and health of the grape. Vignoble Vincent reduces the usage of phytosanitary products in its treatment protocols to guarantee a sustainable development that warrants the respect or environmental and farm production.

Vignoble Vincent perpetuates the tradition of the Charentes viticulture by respecting the soil it cultivates, producing and commercialising a whole range of wines and spirits: Cognac, Pineau des Charentes, fruity Cognac-based liqueurs, local Charentais wines, sparkling wines, as well as a range of alcohol free grape juice for the “apéritif”.

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Discover our range of wines and liqueurs:

Pineaux des Charentes

Discover our exceptional range of 2 to 6 years old as well as an extra aged 15 year old to savour in the purest tradition…

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The Vintage Cognac

Taste our range of vintage Cognacs full of elegance, produced by a careful ageing: NAPOLEON, VS, VIEILLE RESERVE and XO.

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Charentais local wines

Savour our local white wines, rosé and red depending on your wishes to accompany shellfish, fish, grilled meats, apéritifs or desserts

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Cognac and Fruit Based liqueurs

Discover and taste our Cognac flavoured with natural fruit, seed or plant extracts. Follow our guide…

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gamme vins pétillants Vignoble Vincent

Charentais sparkling wines

Savour our traditional and “champenois” method sparkling wines that marry so well with celebrations with friends and family.

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Sparkling Alcohol Free Grape Juices

Taste our new sparkling alcohol free grape juices, ideal for children and celebrations with friends and family

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